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Providing the needs and requirements of today’s industries.

Project Planning, Planning/Scheduling, Project Management, Consultancy Services, Maintenance Planning, Business Development, Provision of PersonnelTraining, Mentoring and Facilitation, Maintenance Services

Why choose US?

DPPS provides to the industry the needs and requirements of Project Managers, Planners, Consultants of many disciplines, and many other services and commodities to the industrial sector. We bring innovation and diversified solutions to you our client. Working together to achieve common goals and interests, assuring that only highly qualified, experienced personnel and effective tools are utilized. Our clients will benefit from using our most innovative methods of management and consulting. Our dedication and long-standing commitment to quality ensures that a long-term project will be completed on time and to your full satisfaction. Because we work with you to create strategies and policies that stand the test of time, the future of your firm is secure.

How Can DPPS Help?

We are in the business of helping our clients to help themselves, by working with you to identify what needs to be done, then helping identify the necessary resources, tools and techniques to do this. Working with your establishment we identify the value that solutions would deliver and we identify the “do-ability” of working the solutions.

What do we have to offer?

Years of combined experience, within our establishment and our affiliate entities, bringing a combined effort to meet the needs of the industrial sector in Maintenance, Reliability, Projects, Construction and Fabrication, Leadership Tools and Coaching, Assurance, Training and many other areas, that offer diversified solutions!



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