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What is Leadership?? The process of directing one's scattered forces into one powerful channel.

Many people today are seeking to understand -- and many people are writing about -- the concept and practices of leadership. There are a great many reasons for the popularity of the topic, including that organizations are faced with changes like never before. The concept of leadership is relevant to any aspect of ensuring effectiveness in organizations and in managing change.

There has been an explosion of literature about leadership lately. Leading is a very human activity -- we're all human -- so there are many people who consider themselves experts on leadership. Unfortunately, many people make strong assertions about leadership without ever really understanding a great deal about leadership. Understanding the concept of leadership requires more than reading a few articles or fantasizing about what great leaders should be.

What is Leadership?

Many people believe that leadership is simply being the first, biggest or most powerful. Leadership in organizations has a different and more meaningful definition. Very simply put, a leader is interpreted as someone who sets direction in an effort to drive people or colleagues in the right direction and influences them to follow that direction. How they set that direction and influence people depends on a variety of factors.


The first question is what defines a good leader? A good leader is someone who is molded; someone who listens and understands his employees; one who makes the time to ensure that his or her employees are, happy, comfortable, and not afraid to speak to their superior on any issue that can affect their performance and duties.

Once this is clear, we can now look at how we develop a leader. As said a leader shows the characteristics of being a leader, showing initiative, leading a team, helping develop others peoples skills, taking responsibility for his or her actions and their team, prioritizing their duties, meeting their deliverables, roles, responsibilities and accountabilities to their organization.

We assess and find persons who present these skills and develop them with the right knowledge transfer, training, workshops, coaching, development and mentoring. We introduce them to our latest methodologies and learning processes, molding their minds and changing their attitudes and behaviours towards their duties.

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