Who We Are

DPPS Company Ltd. was formed by owner and President/ CEO Mr. Damien Carter to provide the needs and requirements of Project Planners and Managers, Personnel, Consultancy, Maintenance Reliability, Asset Management,Skilled Professionals and the skills and resources to service providers within the industrial sector.

Mr. Carter has seen that these needs and/or persons with these skills are scarce commodities in the industry and has incorporated his skills and experience to source and provide these areas of expertise.

DPPS Company Ltd. is driven by deliverables and is intent on providing solutions to your establishments needs; offering its services to organizations in order to enhance their visions of achieving a greater and more holistic solution to their business requirements.

We bring innovation and diversified solutions to you our client. Working together to achieve common goals and interests, assuring that only highly qualified, experienced personnel and effective tools are utilized.

You will benefit from using our most innovative methods of management and consulting. Our dedication and long-standing commitment to quality ensure you that a long-term project will be completed on time and to your full satisfaction. Because we work with you to create strategies and policies that stand the test of time, the future of your firm is secure.

We are in the business of helping our clients to help themselves, by working with you to identify what needs to be done, then helping identify the necessary resources, tools and techniques to do this. While we have a considerable portfolio in management and performance improvement tools we enable you the client to specify what is needed which, if within our portfolio, we would be pleased to provide, but if not, we would assist you in finding the help you need.


What have we done:Assessments on reliability department, Workshops in Cost Risk Analysis, and Shut Down optimization. We are currently working together with the Integrated Management Team in the development of strategies for Integrated Planning.


What have we done: Assessment and working reports on the cranes and capsules throughout the entire 13 offshore facilities of TSP (Teak Sammaan and Poui). Workshops in Shut Down Optimization. Currently working with the Engineering Team on developing the PAS 55 (Publicly Available Standard 55)


What have we done: .Disgned, provided materials, services and built subsea pipe buffers for laying of 56" pipeline. Provided materials for subsea pipe pillows.


What have we done:Provided workshops in Shut Down Optimization. Working with the Maintenance Team on developing Maintenance Reliability Procedures and Strategies to reduce maintenance works and expenses and increase production


What have we done:Provided Project Analytical services for Catalytical Converter and Heat Exchanger Turnaround on Ammonia Plant. Developed Crane Management Procedure for effective and efficient maintenance and operation of crane equipment.