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Pushing the limits to better our "Clients" and our "Services!"

What's the News on DPPS Company Limited?

We at DPPS pride ourselves in being, developing and carrying the leading names, concepts and initiatives in the services and support we provide. Offering the highest level of support, services and consulting in the various sectors to meet the needs and requirements of you our client.

How we've grown!

DPPS, when first being inaugerated in 2004, our initial intent was to suffice the needs for services and support of personnel to the industry in the areas of planning, project management and management support, scheduling and other project and resource needs. Since then we have developed ourselves to providing not only these support services, but now providing asset management, consulting and consultant support, maintenance reliability and services, general services, fabrication and general construction needs, outsourcing of materials and equipment services and other areas. We have also developed ourselves for the international market and now have a US based business partner, handling all International Business Develpopment and liason with US based clients; building our US market and clientel for the purpose of establishing a US based entity to provide our services and support not only to the US but globally.

Where can you find us?

DPPS' head office is located in San Fernando Trinidad West Indies where we conduct and execute operations throughout Trinidad, the Caribbean and South America. Outside of this our US based operations is handled out of Richmond, Virginia through our business partner, to suffice the US needs and services.


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