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PMO-REM 2008 Workshop

DPPS Company Limited is proud to present the initial Marshall Institute workshop in a planned “Maintenance Management Training Series” here in San Fernando on June 3 & 4th 2008.

Recognizing the demand for the knowledge transfer of such expertise to the Trinidad Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Steel and Manufacturing sectors, The Marshall Institute has joined forces with DPPS, a local company, to spearhead their initiatives.


PM Optimization- Review of Existing Maintenance (PMO-REM) is a structured process used to review and improve the existing maintenance practices for a specific piece of equipment.

PMO-REM is a focused workshop directed at improving the effectiveness and efficiency of the current proactive maintenance activities. This powerful strategy is based on the principles of Reliability Centered Maintenance; however, PMO-REM spotlights what has failed, rather than the RCM focus on what could fail.


The typical PM Program has its inadequacies that does not highlight the necessary areas required to sustain reliability of equipment.

  • Inadequate task descriptions

  • Too short

  • Poorly worded

  • Many duplicate tasks are assigned to multiple people

  • Often tasks are "cut and pasted" from similar equipment PMs and are not applicable to that piece of equipment

  • Many PMs are simply not value added

  • Low PM schedule compliance

  • No accountability for quality PM execution


PMO-REM can increase reliability of your equipment; reduce your downtime to service equipment; increase your production and maintenace productivity and help you to better utilize your maintenance technicians, leading to reduced maintenance costs.

The benefits and goals of the PMO workshop:

  • Lower the risk of specific failures

  • Improve Preventative/Predictive procedures

  • Identify the “few” activities which bring the most gain

  • Create an efficient strategy to ensure the reliability of the equipment

Many companies offer seminars. None of them have taught leading-edge tools to as many satisfied professionals for as long as the Marshall Institute. For over 30 years, Marshall Institute has provided measurable, tangible results for clients utilizing real life experienced, knowledgeable training professionals.

Thousands of companies have already improved their odds with the Marshall Institute’s transferred knowledge:

SKF/MRC Bearings

Reduced unplanned downtime by 98% in one department and 99% in another- in a single year.


Achieved on stream time at its 4 year old start up plant of 97% - most other units ran at 85-90%


Reduced maintenance costs by 60% within three years

Texas Instruments

Deferred over US$6 million in capital costs in one year alone


Estimated a ten-fold ROI  from our Total Process Reliability implementation

Aera Energy

Reduced maintenance expenses on selected equipment by 50% increased production capacity of 1.2 million per year at a personal products facility. Reduced rebuild cost by US$160,000 in only 6 months at a chemical plant. Our client Aera Energy, (an ExxonMobil/Shell Joint Venture) is a 2 time winner of the prestigious North American Excellence Award.

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