Making it happen for Upstream & Downstream Industries - the latest initiatives

Making the reliability vision a reality is sometimes much easier than you think; that is once there is the "Right Initiative".

The burning question in almost every industry's mind is, "How Reliable Are We?" Over the years many changes have been made to equipment, parts and spares all in an effort to promote reliability measures. Thinking about it, most of these measures are just replacements to ensure your piece of equipment can be put back into service, meaning that companies usually work in reactive mode, waiting to "react" as soon as the item fails. What about the downtime incurred due to failure of these parts? Is the lost time due to failures something to accept as a way of life? In our view and we would think that in your view also, time is money which means it is precious and cannot be wasted, as there are drastic impacts to your image and reputation... for example: loss of production, unproductive personnel, extended downtime; and if this item supports a critical piece of equipment, possibly total shut down.

For example: A $950.00 part on a $1million dollar an hour production rig that takes 3 hours to purchase, install and re-commission; impacts production and incurrs a loss of $3 million dollars.Get the Picture!!!

We have seen this happen many times and continue to happen, with little or no extra effort or contingency measures to remedy these failures. How do you know what contingency measures are needed, or how can failures be forecasted? Good question. There are many programs and products on the market that claim to be the best that can solve your problems, or create preventative maintenance plans, or even solve all the issues you face in maintenance! WOW! The next question is HOW??? What these companies that provide such a service fail to mention is that for these programs to work and do what they claim they are supposed to d,o the value of knowledge, experience and working methodologies is required. So why not sell this option first and make life much easier and create efficiencies and not deficiencies in the environment.

What we do at DPPS is provide the "right service" to create the "fit or fitness" in the environment. We don't sell you the high end programs and software and claim exorbetent prices and overwhelming results that other companies claim by just utilizing software. Through careful analysis of the markets needs, DPPS has combined its efforts and created alliances with the leading names in the maintenance world to provide the most effective and efficient means of solutions.

How do we make this happen? Through a sequence of steps tailored to the needs of our clients we analyze and assess the establishment or departments for possible inherent inefficiences or gaps, then provide the working reports outlining the gaps, the contingency measures required to fill these gaps and create a clear path forward. All this is done in colaboration with management and staff; tailored training through workshops, that demonstrate the "right" methodologies that the client can manage on their own.This method at most times fosters buy in, and creates a higher sense of ownership from management which is passed on to the employees; resulting in higher reliability and productivity. How do we do this you may ask? We have the "right people" to support what we do. Some of our companies within our alliance have over 30 years of experience in this field with consultants that have the same or even more in the industry. Although DPPS itself may be a young company, we also have employees with over 30 plus years in the industry. What we bring to you, our client, is the working knowledge, that has been developed through the years, and has been through the changes in the environment.

What we don't do is make claims that we cannot provide. We ensure that the highest level of expertise and working knowledge is provided to you the client making certain the results are exactly what is required.

Through the years our group has provided the solutions and shown the ROI's to our clients and proven our working ability. We are here to provide the right needs and services to make it happen!

Striving to create the Maintenance free Realiable working environment everyone wants to be in. DPPS Company Limited and their group of alliance companies are paving the way forward to ensure our clients meet this reality...